FlashPointe Dance Studio

We worked with FlashPointe Dance Studio to install these sliding walls in their studio. These light walls move into place and can separate the space into smaller sections. This is a great feature for their dance studio and any other similar space. The photos below show off how easy it is to change the floor plan within the studio. This is great space management at work!

FlashPointe Dance Studio Photos

More About Our Space Management Division

Over fifty years ago, Willco started in the Space Management business with a product called “Coil Wall.” Today, Space Management has taken on many more dimensions than simply making a room smaller. Utilizing the multi-use space in your facility can seem difficult. There may be not enough space, not the right space, too much stuff in the way, and poor lighting. You may be coping with legal codes regarding smoke management or area of refuge. Whether you need to comply with a fire-code issue by creating a smoke vestibule outside an elevator, or divide conference rooms while allowing ample natural light to fill your space, or creating an acoustic division with moveable walls, Willco has the answer.

If you are interested in learning more about products like this, get in touch. We’d love to discuss some options with you.