Skyfold Classic – Gartner

We installed this Skyfold Classic operable wall at Gartner. At the push of a button, the wall folds up seamlessly into the ceiling. Check out the photo slideshow below to see the wall in action. Notice how the wall easily separates the room into different spaces. The Skyfold Classic also has amazing acoustic qualities, blocking out more sound than other operable wall alternatives.

Skyfold Classic Photos at Gartner

Product Family:
Skyfold Classic 51™

Project Type:

United States



Installation Date:
July 2003


General Contractor: W & M Construction

New or Retrofit: Retrofit

Number of Walls: 2

Largest Size: 28′ long and 9′ high (8.4m and 2.7m)

Motor Drive: Compact drive

Panel Finish: Customer supplied Knoll Metaphor #K612/1 Zinc

Dealer: Willco Sales & Service

More About Our Space Management Division

Over fifty years ago, Willco started in the Space Management business with a product called “Coil Wall.” Today, Space Management has taken on many more dimensions than simply making a room smaller. Utilizing the multi-use space in your facility can seem difficult. There may be not enough space, not the right space, too much stuff in the way, and poor lighting. You may be coping with legal codes regarding smoke management or area of refuge. Whether you need to comply with a fire-code issue by creating a smoke vestibule outside an elevator, or divide conference rooms while allowing ample natural light to fill your space, or creating an acoustic division with moveable walls, Willco has the answer.

If you’d like more information or to hear how Willco can help with your next project, get in touch. We’d be happy to talk more and help make your vision a reality.