Space Management Division Products

Skyfold - Space Management Products (Vertically Folding Walls)Over 60 years ago, Willco started in the Space Management business with a product called “Coil Wall.” Today, Space Management products have taken on many more dimensions than simply making a room smaller. Utilizing the multi-use space in your facility can seem difficult. There may be not enough space, not the right space, too much stuff in the way, and poor lighting. You may be coping with legal codes regarding smoke management or area of refuge. Whether you need to comply with a fire-code issue by creating a smoke vestibule outside an elevator, or divide conference rooms while allowing ample natural light to fill your space, or creating an acoustic division with moveable walls, Willco has the answer.

We can help you to use all the space you have through the use of our space management products. We can make your new and existing space more flexible. Need a projection screen that automatically retracts into the ceiling? Need retracting basketball hoops and athletic equipment for a gymnasium? What if that gym becomes a cafeteria and then an auditorium? Willco has many options for you.

What about an elderly housing complex with a game room? How about a community center and home theater? These can all be in the same space! Or maybe it’s a hospital or business board room. Or conference and training center. All these and more can be transformed by Willco’s many space management options.

Here are some of the space management products we offer:



Operable Walls, Movable Glass & Accordion Partitions by Modernfold


Autolift Wall Systems by Skyfold


Custom Accordion Doors by Woodfold


Translucent Wall Systems by  Raydoor


Safety & Security Overhead Doors by Cornell


Portable Partitions by Screenflex

Total Door

Integrated Door Systems by Total Door

Smoke Guard

Smoke Containment Systems by Smokeguard


Interior/Exterior Custom Vertical and Horizontal Operating Doors by Renlita


Coiling Privacy Screens by Tudelu


Glass Exterior and Interior Movable Walls by LaCantina


Glass Exterior and Interior Movable Walls by Panda


Windows, Doors, Structures, Skylights, and Roofs by Libart International

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Compactor, Chute, and Recycling System Division Products

Helping people live rests at the heart of Willco’s early days in business. By today’s standards, incineration seems old and perhaps even dirty to some. But over fifty years ago, this process was critical to post-World War II America. Our society could not have developed without effective means of managing refuse produced in all the industries which powered the United States to the forefront of the world stage. Luckily Willco offers options in the form of our Compactor, Chute, and Recycling System Division.

As the world has changed, Willco has been a leader in recycling system technologies. Today, the emphasis on green technologies has reached new heights. Willco remains out in front of this rapidly changing, rapidly expanding industry. Whether these changes come about via legislation, or via new creative thinking, we can help you find the best ways to sift though the maze of recycling bins out there. We are not talking one blue bin on the back stoop of your housing unit, factory, school or hotel.

Need to sort your recycling? Whether direct deposit, or down the age-old garbage chute, Willco can install systems which allow you to automatically sort your refuse. And while it’s great to sort the recycling, you need to DO SOMETHING with it after it is separated. As part of the process of sorting it, we can compact your waste into containers or bags. Willco can work with your hauling contractor to determine the best way to sort and package your recycling. The right packaging will make it easier for your hauler to pick it up and take it away, with a minimum of effort on your part.

Compactor/Chute/Recycling System Division ProductsWe call it the Compactor/Chute Recycling Division. These are among the principle tools to help you sort the trash, take up less space with the trash and get rid of the trash. And the beautiful part? It’s not all trash anymore. It is metal, plastic, electronics, paper, wood, glass and on and on.

Sanitizing and Deodorizing? No problem. No one likes to talk about it, but let’s face it – trash, recycling and compactor rooms create odors. Smelly, nasty, gross, uuggh. Just a few of the industry technical terms. Our deodorizing and sanitizing systems will not only take care of the potential germs, but you can get rid of those smelly complaints from three floors away.

Medical waste? No problem. Institutional Linens and Laundry? No problem. Regardless of the need, if it has some relationship to recycling, sorting or cleaning, Willco is here to help.

At the end of the day, business works by helping other people. Willco is proud of it’s tradition, and has a clear sense of what, as a business and an organization, it is good at. We are totally committed to helping other organizations, businesses, and People. We can think of little else in our modern world as important as making a difference in our world. Let us help you make that difference.

Here are some of the compactor, chute, and recycling products we offer:

Chutes, Compactors & Recycling by Century Chute & Supply
Compactors and Chutes by Wilkinson Hi-Rise
Trash Compactors by Precision Machinery Systems (PMS)
Deodorizer & Sanitizing Units by Ecolo
Recycling Systems by Nu Retec

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Solatube New England

Solatube New England ProductsInnovation in Daylighting

Willco is now SOLATUBE NEW ENGLAND. Solatube International is the worldwide innovator and leading manufacturer of Tubular Daylighting Devices (TDDs). Solatube New England Daylighting Systems utilize state of the art design and materials to provide natural lighting without the negatives many people have come to associate with skylights. It is a cost-effective, leak-proof, energy efficient way to bring the benefits of natural light into any commercial or residential interior. Three sizes are available to provide designers with the right amount of lighting for each particular application.

These products are designed for advanced lighting performance from a highly efficient, compact tube. Solatube New England Daylighting Systems capture sunlight on the rooftop, redirect it down a highly reflective shaft and then diffuse it throughout the interior space, providing an abundance of pure, clear natural light. Multi-functional product options include a Light Add-On Kit, Ventilation Add-On Kit and Daylight Dimmer. Solatube Daylighting Systems – The Leader In the Industry.

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