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Solatube New EnglandInnovation in Daylighting

Willco is now SOLATUBE NEW ENGLAND. Solatube International is the worldwide innovator and leading manufacturer of Tubular Daylighting Devices (TDDs). Solatube New England Daylighting Systems utilize state of the art design and materials to provide natural lighting without the negatives many people have come to associate with skylights. It is a cost-effective, leak-proof, energy efficient way to bring the benefits of natural light into any commercial or residential interior. Three sizes are available to provide designers with the right amount of lighting for each particular application.

The product is designed for advanced lighting performance from a highly efficient, compact tube. Solatube New England Daylighting Systems capture sunlight on the rooftop, redirect it down a highly reflective shaft and then diffuse it throughout the interior space, providing an abundance of pure, clear natural light. Multi-functional product options include a Light Add-On Kit, Ventilation Add-On Kit and Daylight Dimmer. Solatube Daylighting Systems – The Leader In the Industry.

Solatube New England Offers:

  • Commercial Sales and Installation
  • Residential Sales and Installation
  • Wholesale for Building Materials Distributors (BMDs)
    • Warehousing in CT
    • Product Knowledge Sessions (PKs)
    • Sales and Install Training
    • Architectural Presentations
      • AIA CES Box Lunches
      • Budgets, design, layouts
      • Lighting studies


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Solatube New England

Solatube New England offers a variety of patented technology, including:

Raybender®3000 Technology

  • Patented daylight-capturing dome lens
  • Effectively captures and redirects more low-angle daylight
  • Rejects overpowering summer midday sunlight and heat
  • Provides consistent lighting throughout the day

LightTracker™ Reflector

  • Patented in-dome reflector
  • Redirects low-angle winter sunlight into optical tubing
  • Increases light input for increased light output
  • Unsurpassed year-round performance

Spectralight® Infinity Tubing

  • Most reflective tubing used in Tubular Daylighting Devices (TDD’s)
  • 99.7% specular reflectivity for visible light
  • Purest color rendition possible (no color shift)
  • Transfers daylight in excess of 50 ft.

Engineered Light Diffusion

  • Blocks UV transmission (up to 380 nm)
  • Optical lenses deliver superior diffusion

• Designed for visual comfort

Solatube New EnglandBenefits of Solatube New England Daylighting Systems

  • Provides the brightest, purest, natural light available
  • Cost-effective by using natural light
  • Daylight Dimmer provides user control of daylight output
  • One piece, seamless, leak-proof flashings
  • Fits between typical structural elements
  • Sustainable – can play a role in achieving USGBC LEED® certification
  • Energy efficient without structural modifications
  • Daylight multiple floors with long tube runs
  • Meets code requirements for High Velocity Hurricane Zones
  • EnERGy STaR® Rated Products

Tools of Solatube Daylighting Systems

  • BIM objects for real-time 3D building design and modeling
  • Relative Photometry for easy design and application
  • Lumen output tables for site specific design and application
  • For complete CSI specifications, CaD details, case studies and lighting application data, visit

Environmental Impact of using Solatube Systems

The reduced environmental impact of a day lit building can be seen in the following facts:

  • In a building with extensive daylighting, upwards of 90% of the energy costs of electric lighting can be eliminated. In an office, these energy costs are typically about 40% of total annual energy costs, while in a typical unconditioned warehouse, lighting costs are 72% of the total annual energy costs.
  • One 93W (3-lamp FO32T8) fixture operating 6 hours/day, 7 days/week, 52 weeks/year uses 203 kWh of electricity. One Solatube® 330 DS Daylighting system can produce an equivalent lumen output to displace two of these fixtures.
  • Offsetting this one fixture with daylight prevents:
    • 13.4 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions per year in areas where utility companies use coal-based generation
    • 4.5 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions per year in areas where utility companies use oil-based generation

Applications of Solatube Daylighting Systems

The possibilities are endless. Here are a few of the more popular applications:

  • Residential: kitchen, living room, great room, dining room, home office, bedroom, hall, stairwell, bathroom, shower stall, laundry room, closet and garage.
  • Commercial: classroom, gymnasium, retail, office, warehouse, manufacturing, government facility, senior living facility, church, medical, and restaurant. Educational Tools by Solatube New England Daylighting Systems

Educational Tools by Solatube Daylighting Systems

  • FREE AIA/CES Course for Tubular Daylighting Devices
  • Solatube Sustainable Design Guide with LEED® Checklist (ask your Solatube Expert)
    • Daylight & Views
    • Optimize Energy Performance
    • Regional Materials
    • Controllability of Systems
    • Innovation in Design

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