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For years Willco has been working with local schools in creating the most productive spaces for children and faculties to excel to their fullest potential. We have completed projects in educational institution facilities like Fairfield University, Crec School, Sacred Heart and the Charter Oak International Academy, to name a few, showing that our solutions to space management are thriving now more than ever, and more importantly, are making a huge impact on the way we think about education.

Students of all ages are now able to learn in classrooms designed to stimulate critical thinking and peer to peer interaction. Daylighting and glass door systems are at the forefront of this movement, by bringing in more natural light and minimizing stuffy, confined spaces, all while conveniently creating room where you didn’t think you had any!

Not only glass partitions, but operable partitions help transform a large auditorium for instance, into a multitude of different spaces such as extra classrooms, a cafeteria, or office space. Our acoustical models also ensure superior sound absorption and unmatched acoustic separation, so noisier environments won’t be a bother.


Educational institutions all over the world are adapting these technologies in order to better the quality of learning for students and teachers (showing us that it’s not always about the curriculum, but the environment in which we learn)!

The Charter Oak International Academy has taken this idea to heart with their incredible new facility in West Hartford, CT. By utilizing our  glass partitions, the auditorium doubles as an outdoor amphitheater/courtyard, while the library and classrooms create more natural light and space for children to learn… And we’ve already received wonderful feedback!

At Willco, we pride ourselves on the quality of our products and service, and how they help make a positive difference in the world of education, infrastructure and beyond!

We couldn’t be happier to be part of such an important movement to bring more innovative spaces to young learners!

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