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No one wishes for or often thinks about a fire in a multi-story building. Unfortunately these things do happen, and safety measures need to be in place. Smoke Guard products are a fantastic option for smoke and fire protection.

Why is This An Issue?

In the event of a fire smoke can be deadly. Spreading through the building and harming occupants. In many cases, the design of a building facilitates the flow of dangerous smoke. One significant example is the elevator shaft. Elevator shafts act as chimneys for smoke to rise and spread to other floors. Elevator doors are not enough to stop smoke from spreading. Expensive and obtrusive smoke control options include large, heavy doors that close over elevator doors. They are ugly and obstruct egress. Smoke Guard is an incredible option that saves lives, saves money, and looks good.

Why Smoke Guard?

Smoke Guard remains hidden until you need it. The most popular Smoke Guard option stays hidden above an elevator door frame. In the event of a fire, the smoke curtain rolls down and magnetizes to the frame, sealing off smoke to the source. Occupants can easily push the curtain aside to exit elevators or other areas. Other Smoke Guard options include atrium smoke control (both vertical and horizontal) and draft curtains (great for large, open spaces like warehouses).

See It in Action:

Below are some short videos to watch.

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