Keep Your Space Safe With Willco’s Security Products

By March 16, 2018July 5th, 2018Blog

Security has become an important issue in our society. People want to feel safe wherever they go, not worry about the possible risks they may encounter. Whether it be a large building fire, an armed robbery, or simply keeping areas of your space sectioned off in times of other emergencies, Willco has you covered with the most trusted and secure solutions.

Our long line of products ranges from state-of-the-art smoke containment technologies, to iron clad security doors and glass partitions, that are all programmed to operate themselves in times of crisis. Without compromising aesthetic value or functionality, our security products are custom designed to fit your space, and our factory trained architects and engineers are there to guide you through the process.

Smoke GuardSmoke Guard is one of these products that’s really leading the way in how we handle the problem of building fires. Imaging you are working at the top floor of a large office building, when suddenly, you hear news of a fire on the floor below you, as smoke starts to funnel into the room through the stairwell and elevator shafts. You’re worried that you and your coworkers won’t be able to find a safe exit in time, until you see the automated smoke curtains start to deploy and create a clear path through the thick smoke. The fireproof fabric has been tested to withstand even the hottest building fires, so you calmly take control of the situation and guide the rest of the office down the stairs to safety. Thanks to the smoke curtain installed in your building everyone was able to get out of the office without facing the dangers of smoke migration and inhalation. Our Smoke Guard products come in a variety of styles to work with your existing space, while remaining a Code Compliant Solution for fire safety requirements.

More solutions that Willco offers for increased safety and security are the Cornell Iron Doors and Security Grilles. These durable, automated partitions can be set to deploy in an emergency situation to section off parts of a building that are susceptible to danger, and release when patrons need to be evacuated. Cornell Doors are popularly used to close off retail space during closing hours and easily block off store fronts, but can also be used for more prevalent security risks. In the wake of too many horrible mass shootings in schools and other public spaces all over the country, Willco is dedicated to expanding the reach of our security doors and bring effective solutions to this tremendous problem. This way a shooter will be prevented from entering any areas where a classroom or heavily populated area of a building might be to ensure minimal risk to innocent bystanders.

Last but not least, Willco’s line of Glass Folding & Sliding Walls also provide increased security by opening up lines of sight in an otherwise closed space. The best example of adapting this framework can be showcased by our largest project to-date at over 300 TD Banks across the eastern seaboard. By partnering with local distributers and service agents from all over the United States, Willco has helped to create the International Distributer Network of North America (IDNNA) that made this project possible. By offering the highest quality service, available nationwide, Willco & IDNNA were able to work with TD Bank to open up their space and provide a more secure environment for their customers. The glass walls allowed for separate ATM vestibules with 24/7 access, while creating a more open line of sight for security cameras and guards.

TD BankIn the end, let’s not get carried away with unreasonable solutions to these prevalent security threats, but instead work together to come up with the most practical, and effective solutions. A simple change to infrastructure, with automated security technologies, can create serious strides in the quest for security in public spaces. Let Willco help you to make the world a safer place! Get a free quote from our wonderful sales team today!

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