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An Easy Way to Manage Waste!

By April 23, 2018March 10th, 2023Blog

Precision Machinery Systems

All that garbage you’ve been piling up at work sure does take up a lot of space doesn’t it? It’s even starting to smell, and your custodian is away all week on vacation.

If only there was a way to manage waste and recycling into one designated area, with easy access throughout the entire building.

By today’s standards, incineration is much too harmful to the environment and something we don’t want to continue with into the future, which is why Willco offers a long line of specialty trash and recycling products to help clean up the mess.

Willco has been working on this problem for over 60 years now and has the solutions you need for tackling this problem.

Compactors & Chutes

Compactors / Chutes / RecyclingIt all starts with the chutes. By installing one of our many high-end waste, recycling, or linen chutes in your building. We can help to create accessible pathways that lead right to the central compactor from every floor.

With hand operated or automated doors, let chutes be a replacement for those large ugly waste rooms and send trash straight to the disposal area.

We have installed thousands of our chutes and even more compactors throughout New England. Providing big companies, multi story buildings and apartment complexes together with local businesses the best products and services available.

Even if you have a complex building layout, there is nothing to be concerned about, Willco can custom design a chute and compactor system that works to fit your space creating maximum efficiency.

Chutes feed into the main container or compactor on the ground floor, where the waste can be automatically stored and sorted for future disposal. Different types of compactors and containers can be used to sort waste to meet your specifications. Our compactors and containers are manufactured with stainless steel, creating extreme durability and longevity.

Compactors and chutes are designed for use in hi-rise apartment buildings, office buildings, condos, restaurants, hospitals, schools and various other institutions that produce high volumes of refuse. We offer the broadest product line in the industry and can provide a trash compactor to fit almost any size trash room.

Waste Caddy

Going far beyond simple chute and compactor systems, Willco also offers ways for our customers to easily move and operate their units with products like Waste Caddy.

Waste Caddy is a great way to transport large dumpsters with ease, and with simple motor operation anyone can latch on to a heavy dumpster or compactor and transport it to the desired location at the turn of a handle.

Waste Caddy’s heavy-duty steel frame is light yet durable, and the speed controller allows the cart to move from 0-3MPH, with regenerative breaking to prevent accidents.


Willco is also working hard to bring clean waste management solutions to our customers. With more focus on recycling and clean waste management solutions, Willco offer options that can separate your recycling from your waste stream automatically.

Willco realizes the problem facing our society as we work towards more eco-friendly options for energy consumption and recycling.

These methods of disposal are effective in reducing overall waste volume, while sorting it for reusable potential.


Willco sells and installs products from all the leading manufacturers in New England and has trained technicians to help every step of the way.

We stock all  products in both our Massachusetts and Connecticut warehouses, so your parts and equipment are never more than a few hours away. And yes, we do sell all parts separately for those who prefer to install themselves.

Creating a cleaner, safer, and more efficient solution for your garbage and waste is an important problem that needs resolve.  Luckily, with years of experience and expertise, Willco are confident in providing the best possible product line to get the job done.

Call or Email us today for a free quote and start taking control of your waste!

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