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Willco’s Story

By May 14, 2018March 10th, 2023Blog

Willco’s humble beginnings noticed the world of space management  emerging.  With the rise of  baby boomers and a desire for multi-purpose space, a demand was created for new technologies.

Our founder, Edward Tague, noticed this in 1957 and saw great potential for the use of these multi-purpose rooms in buildings and homes alike to separate large spaces with ease.

Starting with a mission to create a better quality of life for our customers with the best products and services available, Willco moved forward to partner with suppliers and distributers. Willco expanded their reach and value to customers by providing the most cutting-edge products and innovations.

As our society moves further into the modern digital age, increasing advances in these technologies such as energy, infrastructure, communication, design, and more are being utilized to create a better, more connected planet for those who inhabit it.

Willco identifies with these values to their core, and sees the potential for their products to positively impact the world of architecture and construction with every installation.

Space Management

By partnering with their first supplier Coil Wall, they were able to bring customers the first folding partition to disappear into the wall at a moment’s notice. This provided flexible and adaptable space.

These new spaces gave schools more room for classes, office buildings more areas for employees to work, and even created more flexibility in homes and public spaces.

Willco’s small family owned business of just a few hard-working employees helped to install coil walls throughout Connecticut and quickly expanded to cover all of New England.

Down the road, Coil Wall went on to become Modernfold, the premier provider of operable walls, accordion doors, and sliding glass walls, and have remained their main product line since the beginning.

Willco expanded their reach even further, partnering with visionary companies like Skyfold, and Libart, who have all continued to provide unprecedented standards in their fields. Skyfold and Libart create acoustically superior walls, sleek finishes, open air viewing, integrative design, and unmatched durability.

Willco has been fortunate to be at the forefront of solutions like these helping develop large new open areas, efficient work environments, and flexible spaces.


Moving forward, Willco expanded its reach to the waste management industry by partnering with a trash incinerator company Morse-Bolger.

Shortly after, Willco joined Precision Machinery Systems.  which created a system that condensed waste in such a way, the problems with disposal and storage faded away as technology advanced.

Our partnerships grew with companies like Century Chutes, Midland Chutes, Wilkinson Hi-Rise, and Waste Caddy bringing large scale waste, recycling, and linen chutes to high-rise apartment complexes, hospitals, corporate office buildings, and more.

Solatube Daylighting

One of the newer products Willco took on in the last decade is Solatube and their innovative tubular daylighting technology (TDD).

Solatube allows you to harness  sunlight using highly reflective tubing. It not only brings natural sunlight right into your space, but also maintains maximum brightness throughout the day.

Naturally lit work environments have been proven to improve efficiency, reduce eye strain, and stimulate overall better moods, so replacing those fluorescent fixtures might be a smart idea!

Safe and Secure

Willco also offer products that ensure safer spaces such as smoke containment screens, fire doors, overhead coiling doors, and security grilles.

One of their trusted product lines Smoke Guard works within your building to control the spread of smoke and efficiently create accessible points of egress for those inside.

With applications for elevator doors, stairwells, open passageways and more, Smoke Guard can protect residents from dangerous and harmful smoke inhalation by deploying automatically in  emergencies.

Cornell  provides another type of security with their overhead coiling doors and security grilles.  These work to control traffic in parking garages, close up retail stores, and even lock down school hallways.  Durable iron plates make installation and repair easy, and the many styles allow for sleek design, great insolation, and unmatched reliability.


As part of Willco’s ongoing efforts to supply their customers with best in service, Willco and their team joined forces with a group of 18 local distributors across the nation to form the largest network of operable wall and folding door distributers.

For more than 10 years Willco and the IDNNA members have worked together to open new doors in the industry, helping architects and contractors access product they need on time, within budget and ready to install.

By being closely connected with IDNNA members Willco are able to streamline services for products throughout the United States, Canada, and parts of Europe, in turn creating better ways to reach consumers.

Moving Forward

Having started in the business over 60 years ago, Willco has evolved and embraced major changes within the industry to become a  distributer of state of the art products in New England for Operable Partitions, Folding & Sliding Glass Walls, Compactors, Chutes, & Recycling Equipment, Tubular Daylighting Technology, Smoke Containment Systems, Security Doors, Accordion Doors, and much more.

We continue to provide industry leading service on all products from beginning to end. Willco’s sales team will supply you with quotations and specification assistance.  Willco will work with you to find the right solution at the right price.

Willco care about providing the industry with the best possible outcomes and are happy to work with you on your next project from concept to completion.


Willco has also  been expanding into the social media market.

Check out their website for a full line of products, blog posts, and a gallery of photos to scroll through.

For updates and news on what’s going on in the industry you can follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook where we post weekly!

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