Revitalizing the South Norwalk Waterfront

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Since ground broke over 40 years ago on the project to revitalize South Norwalk and the surrounding marina, it has become a central hub for family and friends to experience the Connecticut waterfront and all the food & entertainment it has to offer.

The project began in the mid 70’s to both preserve the historic factories, and to bring open community spaces to the residents of Connecticut. More recently however, the now outdated renovations are getting a modern upgrade with projects like the South Norwalk Collection Mall, new store fronts and restaurants on Washington St, and the Ironworks Apartment Complex bringing innovative new ideas to the world of design and urban planning.

For Willco, projects like these are a great opportunity to create flexible and open spaces for the community. By utilizing our long line of folding and glass wall products, we can create large glass openings that can integrate right into the existing space.

Large Glass Openings

Renlita Custom Opening Solutions is one hallmark product that Willco has installed in storefronts and restaurants across New England that would be perfect for exterior openings like this along the water. Renlita’s large glass doors and windows allow for spectacular outdoor views, more natural daylight, and to put it simply, more open and comfortable spaces for people to come and go.

Renlita Bifold S-2000 Hingeway installed in a study lounge to give students access to the patio.

With a variety of options that can be integrated right into the existing space, and custom design teams to help you find the right look. Renlita has been proven to be one of the best products for both interior and exterior glass openings. Imagine a downtown South Norwalk where every restaurant and storefront is open to the outdoors like this. It provides wonderful views of the waterfront and a sense of a more openly connected community.

Another important factor in creating flexible spaces for renovations like this, is the ability to separate larger rooms with ease. For this, Willco offers options from many of the best Folding Wall manufacturers in the business like Skyfold and Modernfold.

Flexible Space

These two walls, installed over 10 years apart from one another, are nearly indistinguishable due to their extreme performance and durability.

Modernfold’s Operable Partitions for instance, were installed in the Maritime Aquarium in two of their large conference rooms to separate the space.

With high traffic and the need for flexible space. The aquarium was looking for a product that could be easily operated by all members of their staff, run at high cycles, and provide superior acoustic protection during loud assemblies and events.

Luckily Modernfold has been rated one of the highest acoustically rated operable walls in the business, and the design of the wall itself enables any user to easily glide the steel panels along the smooth ceiling track. The panels then fit into place and deploy seals at the floor and ceiling level to prevent sound from spilling through on either side.

These walls even come in a variety of glass and automated models to make the process even more seamless. Having the ability to rearrange a retail floor, or section off a private party is crucial for businesses looking to developing new inviting public spaces. Utilizing this technology in the South Norwalk downtown area is a great solution!

Staying Secure in Style

Another opening solution Willco offers is Cornell overhead coiling doors & security grilles.

Cornell Rolling Service Doors installed in an office building in Boston, MA.

The new Bloomingdales at the South Norwalk Collection mall has just chosen Willco for the job of installing six Cornell rolling steel doors at their loading dock and the store entrance. These doors will help to provide high level security during closing hours, and provide high functionality for their high demand of shipments.

The doors themselves are fire rated and extremely durable, with both insulated and non insulated options to fit your buildings specifications. They come in an endless array of custom finishes and veneers as well as decals and logos to make your space stick out from the standard steel cladded service doors. Every building needs service doors, why not chose the best?

Moving Forward

The ongoing work to create a sprawling urban hub in the center of South Norwalk should inspire us all to strive for only the best when it comes to designing these spaces for the future. With the new focus towards environmental awareness and clean, open public spaces. It only seems right to incorporate more of these technologies as we continue to move forward.

Large Openings, Flexible Spaces, Natural Daylight, and Dependable Security all play a key role in the way these spaces are created, and Willco is proud to be doing our part!

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