Modernfold AIA Presentation Summary

By April 6, 2020Blog

 AIA/CES (Continuing Education) Registered Provider Program Summary 

Provider: Modernfold, Inc.                                     Program #: OPA 100 

Provider Number: H128                                        Program: Automated Partition Systems 

Length: 1 hour 

Credits: 1 LU Hour                                                      HSW: YES 

Description: This program reviews the benefits of space division and flexibility. It will start by discussing the evolution of the operable wall and the benefits and challenges. It will cover types of automated walls and their features and benefits. The program will address how these elements work together and impact the environment in terms of health, safety, and welfare. 

Learning Objectives: After completing this program, participants will understand the evolution of operable wall products and their project relevance. They will be able to identify various automated movable wall options including acoustics, integration, space management and address the safety features and benefits of utilizing automated movable wall systems. 

How taught: After a brief introduction by the presenter, a presentation will be made to cover the learning objectives, which includes animated graphics and pictures to help the learning process. At the end of the presentation, an interactive period will be provided for discussion. 

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