Smoke Guard AIA Presentation Summary

By April 6, 2020 Blog

AIA/CES Registered Provider Program Summary Handout

Provider: Smoke Guard Corporation                                Provider No.: J313

Program: Design Solutions: Smoke Protection              Length: 1 hour     Credits: 1 Learning Unit HSW: Yes


Description: The course will provide you a better understanding of how smoke actually travels in multi-story building fires.

To accomplish this, we will illustrate the physic of vertical smoke migration in mid- and high-rise building

fires, and the hazards this presents for building occupants. We’ll then discuss how the building codes have

evolved to address this hazard. Finally, we’ll review the various applications that have been developed in the

market to meet these code requirements and protect building occupants form the hazards of smoke


Learning Objectives:

1) To understand the behavior of the fire and smoke in a mid- or high-rise building.

2) To understand how the building codes address smoke migration in a fire and the effect of smoke migration

on the means of egress via elevator lobbies. atriums and stairs in event of a building fire.

To review the product applications that have been developed to assist in meeting building code requirements

concerning the control of smoke migration via elevator hoistways, atriums, stairs, and in providing means of

egress for building occupants.

How Taught: The CES facilitator determines in advance the specific learning objectives and the experience level of the

audience. Using a PowerPoint presentation, the facilitator discusses the issues of interest and concern to

the participants by showing relevant portions of the program. Feedback will be obtained by asking questions

and posing situations to the group. At the end

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