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AIA& IDCEC / CES Registered Provider Program Summary

                                       PROVIDER: Skyfold                                                                               PROVIDER #: J756

   PROGRAM: Mastering Architectural Acoustics in Flexible Spaces (SKY – 0006)

 LENGTH: One (1) Hour                                                                         CREDITS: LU / HSW

In this seminar, design professionals, general contractors, owners or facility managers will gain a thorough understanding of architectural acoustics (sometimes called “invisible architecture”).

Learning Objectives:

  1. To learn about acoustics in the built environment (invisible architecture) and the effects on well-being, health, and safety including an overview on the Well Building Institute’s acoustical comfort recommendations.
  2. To understand what sound is, how it behaves in an interior environment and how building materials are classified for their sound control capabilities.
  3. To explore acoustical challenges in flexible space and learn how best to control sound including those acoustical challenges with operable partitions.
  4. To find solutions through automation and intelligent acoustical design to achieve healthier, more comfortable and productive interior flexible spaces.

How Taught: The CES Facilitator will determine the specific learning objectives of the experience level of the audience. Using a presentation, the facilitator will address the learning objectives above. Interaction with the attendees is asked for throughout the presentation. Questions during the presentation are welcome

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