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Modernfold Presentation: On the Move Summary

By November 25, 2020April 29th, 2021Blog

Space Division:

Space division has become more important for a dynamic and modern workspace, with open- space concepts becoming more popular. Open concept office spaces are being designed to address the current pandemic with cubicles, plexiglass shields, and office foot traffic patterns helping to ensure office health and welfare. Folding partitions play an integral role in that office space functionality. Large, in person, meetings happen less often and dedicating space for that purpose is counterproductive. The solution is to design smaller spaces with automated moveable walls that can quickly reconfigure a floorplan to facilitate corporate daily objectives. In a recent work environment survey:

– 90% Perform their jobs better in workspaces that are well-designed.
– 71% Agree it is important for their company’s workplace design to be flexible.
– 73% Can work better when they have access to flexible furniture arrangements.

What this survey shows is that workplace flexibility is not only a good way for companies to save on money, but also improves job performance of employees. Flexible space allows large groups to meet for annual stockholder meetings, new product launch celebrations, holiday parties etc. and eliminates the need and expense of caravanning to local venues. A touch of a button and moving some furniture returns the space to normal operation.

Benefits of Space Division include:

– Mobility and flexibility
– Daily movement and collaboration
– Productivity and well-being
– Comfortable configurations
– Cost savings

Given the benefits of space division, it important to consider the types of operable walls available to help you better utilize your office space.
Accordion Doors: Fabric, carpet, or vinyl soft construction partitions easily extend to divide space while providing moderate sound attenuation.
Manual Flat Walls: Single or paired panels that can be moved from stack area to desired location to divide space. Flat walls also provide higher sound attenuation and can incorporate pass doors, markerboards, windows, etc.

Benefits of Operable walls:

– Visibility and security
– Indoor daylighting with glass
– Reconfigure space quickly
– Acoustical separation/control

Challenges of Manually Operated Walls:

– Setting up: Labor required
– Training: Owner training so product is configured correctly
– Refunds in rented spaces if walls are not set up correctly
– Repairs for improper use (bottom seals, etc.).

Automated Walls:

There are a few different types of automated wall systems. These include; semi-automated panels, fully automatic panels, continuously hinged, vertical automation, and single panel with each providing unique benefits.

Continuously Hinged walls feature:

– Acoustical ranges from 28-56 STC
– Nominal 4.25’ thick panels
– Panel heights up to 40’
– Steel or MDF facings
– Key switch operated – 2 operators
– Chain driven track system which moves at 28 feet/min
– Single or 3-phase motors available.

Safety options include:

– Wireless operation
– PIR Sensor / lasers
– Safety Mat in pocket
– Wireless safety nose

Vertical Wall Automation features:

– Variety of height and width capabilities
– Heights up to 36’
– 48-60 STC ratings available
– No pass door options available
– Configurations: Straight, 90-degree, T and L

Fully Automated single panel features:

–  Hands-free automation
– Single touchpad operation
– Individual motorized trolly system
– Multiple stack locations
– Operates at 30 ft/min- Heights to 12’
– Multiple wall configurations

There are several benefits for automated walls that apply to all systems, however, it is important to note the benefits of automated walls to show the difference between automatic partitions and manually operated systems. Automated systems are better suited to ensure:
– Increase safety and security
– Increase proper set-up
– Reduce repetitive tasks and human error
– Improve customer experience
– Reduce damage to surround construction
– Require minimal training
– Reduce overhead and labor costs


Market and Applications:

Other Market Segments:
– Distilleries
– Wineries
– Houses of Worship
– Nightclubs

Fully automatic movable walls-
– Offer convenience, efficiency, and affordability in flexible space areas
– Bring innovation, creativity, and vision to interior architectural design
– Eliminate staffing and training concerns
– Ensure proper set up every single time
– Save time and money

Provider: Modernfold                                                      Credits: 1 AIA HSW CE Hour

AIA Course Number: IMOD08C                                 Length: 1 Hour

Course Title: On the Move: Automated Moveable Wall Systems

Description: With the continual popularity of open-concept spaces, there is an increasing demand for flexible space that allows occupants to reconfigure and redesign their area to fit each day’s unique needs. Join us in this one-hour course as we discuss utilizing movable and automated walls to facilitate space management in a variety of applications to meet the diverse needs of different markets. By the end of this presentation, you will be able to identify features and benefits of automated movable wall systems, especially improved social and emotional well-being for occupants and increased safety for operators.

Learning Objectives: By completing this course, the design professional will be able to:
1. Define space division and flexible space, describing their ability to improve the emotional and social health of occupants
2. Compare and contrast operable wall systems, especially in their ability to encourage social interaction efficiently and effectively through space management
3. Discuss the characteristics and benefits of automated walls, especially safety features that ensure occupants and operators are kept from physical harm
4. Illustrate how automated walls can be used in a variety of applications to meet the diverse needs of different markets Method of Delivery The course is offered to design professionals in a lunch and learn classroom setting. The course is presented in PowerPoint.

Method of Delivery: The course is offered to design professionals in a lunch and learn classroom setting. The course is presented in PowerPoint.


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