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By September 9, 2021September 14th, 2021Blog

Willco Sales and Service is very excited to announce our new QR code program which will help us to better serve our customers. This QR code program will make it easier for customers to request service, contact us with any questions, and make it easier for our service technicians to service our products in the field.

How does it work?

Each product we supply, Operable Partitions, Chutes and Compactors, Overhead and Sectional doors, and Smoke/Fire containment products will all have a unique Willco QR label.  Each QR label will be specific to that project and will contain all pertinent information including, product make, model, date of installation and project name.  This will make it much easier for Willco and our customers to quickly identify the specific product and project requiring support.  This will also allow our service technicians to easily access service history.

For Example, after scanning the QR Code, the form on the right side of this page is what our customers will see on their mobile device.  At the top will be site specific information pertaining to the property and project including job name, job number, address, date of install, phone number, and a link to register your product.  Below that is where the service form begins.  Our customers can  fill out their name, email, phone number, attach any photos/videos and describe any problems they are having with their product and after submitting this form, an email will be sent directly to our Service team.   This information will then be linked with the original installation file which contains all manufacturing and installation history.

We are confident this program will make it much easier for customers to contact Willco Sales and Service so we can meet their service needs in the quickest way possible and gives our customers a direct line to our service team.  One feature we are very excited about is the ability to submit pictures and video with a service request which will help us to quickly identify the specific component needing service before we come out to the property.   This should allow us to make a complete repair on our first visit.

Additional information will be available to our service team and will include warranty information, detailed manufacturing information, full service history and will automatically link to job specific drawings and Product Manuals.

This is an example of what a Service Technician will see through the QR Code portal.

It has all the information needed to successfully make a repair or perform general service.  Job installation pictures allows our service technician to see the product as it first looked at time of initial installation.  Our program also includes a service data section which will automatically generate a new digital service form for that specific call while building on previous service history.   This allows us to maintain a consistent format while speeding up or eliminating the paperwork process.  We are very excited that this collaborative document will allow company personal can build and develop a digital resource, consolidated in one location, to better serve our customers.

Everyone here at Willco Sales and Service is very excited to launch this program and we believe it will help us to better service all of our customers for years to come.

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