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Servicing Our Products

Willco works with our clients far beyond the initial installation.  We follow up and offer excellent service on all our product lines!

Organizations make significant investments in the systems which enable them to conduct business. Most companies can tell you how great they are when they sell you a product, but the proof comes when something goes wrong. We have over fifty years of references to help you understand and feel comfortable with the servicing that follows your purchase. Your system is guaranteed to run smoothly with minimum trouble. However, life has taught us this is not always the case. Willco will be there when a problem does arise.

It is our sincere hope that your own experience will translate into our future

Our Service Policy

Our policy is as flexible as our space management. We service every product we sell, with technicians on the road throughout New England ready to arrive at your site the same day you call. We ship parts directly from one of our two warehouses..

You never have to deal with a third party, call an 800 number in a remote corner of the world, or search for someone to work with the product you just bought. Our membership within IDNNA assures that your organization will experience the same high level of service anywhere in North America. IDNNA truly embraces the concept of “Thinking Globally but Acting Locally”.

Schedule Service

Space Management Services

  • Repairs
  • Annual Preventative Maintenance (APM)
  • Inspections
  • On-Site Emergency Servicing
  • Accessories & Options
  • New Finishes
  • Retrofit/Recover
  • Parts of All Products

Compactor Chute & Recycling Services

  • Annual Preventative Maintenance (APM)
  • Chute Service/Repair
  • Compactor Service/Repair
  • Compactor Replacement
  • Chute Doors/Sections/Offsets
  • Custom Fabrication
  • Service Inspections
  • On-Site Emergency Service
  • Container Wheels
  • Compactor Bags
  • Parts for All Products
  • Welding

Our Locations


18 King Street
Stratford, CT 06615


10 Keith Way STE 2
Hingham, MA O2043