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Vertical retractable walls that deliver superior acoustic performance. Lightweight, easy to use,  retracting into your ceiling soffit using automated deployment technology.


Classic Series
(51, 55, 60, NRC)

– Economical style

Zenith Series
(48, 51, 55, 60, NRC)

– Incredible acoustic performance
– Lightweight and durable

Zenith Premium Series
(51, 55, 60, NRC)

– Unheard of acoustic performance

(for interior applications)

– Beautiful glass folding walls that enhance sunlight and visibility.

Skyfold Vertically Folding Walls

With our wide variety of products, we know we can find the right match for any space. Skyfold has acoustic performance equal to a 10” concrete wall. Our lightweight, automated products can be operated by anyone with simple turn-key technology. No matter what your business, Skyfold has the solution for you!

Acoustical Models

While all Skyfold acoustic wall models provide superior STC ratings for sound transmission control, some models also provide excellent sound absorption. Classic, Zenith and NRC walls are 12 inch’s thick and offer unmatched acoustical performance (up to 60 STC systems with 66 STC panel test). The unique ceiling down design is ideal for stepped or sloped floors in auditoriums. They maximize usable floor space because they don’t need bulky closet pockets.

Glass Walls

The Mirage product line is unique in that they are the only folding glass walls that are electric motor operated. Since they fold up in to a small ceiling pocket, you have a great space management solution with all the sizzle and benefit of glass without floor tracks and bulky storage closets.

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